Can Hearing Aids Cause More Wax?

It is especially important for hearing instrument users to avoid earwax buildup. Accumulations of the fatty substance produced by the sweat glands inside the ear not only can damage the hearing instruments, but they can also reduce their effectiveness by blocking sound, causing feedback, and producing a poor fit. Left to its own devices, earwax will normally migrate through the ear canal and shed on its own. However, because a hearing instrument may block the wax’s normal passage, it is recommended that hearing instrument users visit a healthcare professional every three to six months to inspect their ears and treat impacted cerumen as needed. Treatment may involve the use of a dissolving agent, irrigation, or manual removal.

When it is difficult to tell whether ear wax or another physical impairment is causing hearing loss, it is time for a hearing evaluation. Having a comprehensive hearing evaluation will allow your audiologist to accurately determine the reason behind a hearing loss. Audiologists at Accura Audiology are highly trained to perform wax removal comfortably and effectively. To schedule, please call Accura Audiology at 716-633-0721. Better Hearing is Better Living is located at our Williamsville, Cheektowaga and Lockport locations.