We offer hearing aid fittings and services for all major hearing aid brands. Learn more about our hearing aid offerings here.

Hearing Aid Brands

Audéo Life

  • World’s first waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid
  • Can be submerged in 1.64 feet of fresh or salt water without damage
  • Bluetooth®-enabled for wireless connection directly to smartphones and other devices
  • Same sound quality and RIC (receiver-in-canal) design as Audeo Paradise, with ActiveVent™ technology—the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker
  • User-controllable active noise canceling

Audéo Paradise

  • Crisp, natural sound—the sound of paradise
  • User-controllable active noise canceling
  • Tap for voice assistance
  • Direct, wireless connection to smartphones and other devices
  • RIC (receiver-in-canal) design, with ActiveVent™ technology—the world’s first intelligent hearing aid speaker
  • Available with lithium-ion rechargeable or zinc-air disposable batteries
  • Telecoil, Motion Sensor Hearing optional

Virto Marvel

  • Custom-molded, low-profile, discreet hearing aid—designed to resemble a “wearable”
  • Available in pink, cocoa or black
  • 4 sizes, ranging from ITE (in-the-ear) to IIC (invisible-in-the-canal)
  • Direct, wireless Bluetooth®-connectivity to smartphones and other devices
  • Powered by zinc-air batteries


Go months without thinking about your hearing aids!
  • World’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid
  • Wear it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 3 months
  • No need to replace batteries
  • Inserted and removed by your hearing instrument specialist
  • Appropriate for mild and some moderate hearing loss
  • Now with 3 available sizes to accommodate more ear canal shapes
  • More effective tinnitus relief than traditional hearing aids
  • SoundLync included: Allows you to adjust volume, turn the hearing aids on and off, enter sleep mode, and remove the hearing aids from your ears if necessary.
The above products only represent a fraction of what we offer at Accura Audiology. We will discuss all appropriate options at your free consultation appointment!
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