Hearing Aids

Open Fit Technology:

Open fit technology offers a cosmetically appealing option for individuals with a mild to moderately severe hearing loss. These instruments consist of a tiny, lightweight case that tucks discreetly behind the ear, a nearly invisible receiver wire and a transparent dome, or tiny mold, that fits into the ear canal. It is the ability to keep the ear canal open that helps eliminate occlusion issues which may be experienced with the custom hearing instruments.


Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing instruments range from a micro size to superpower and have the ability to meet essentially all hearing losses. These instruments are coupled to the ear with any of a variety of custom made earmolds, depending upon the degree of hearing loss.



In-the Ear hearing instruments are the largest of the custom made instruments and are the easiest to handle for individuals with limited dexterity. Manual controls, such as a volume control and / or program button, are available with ITE instruments.  ITE instruments have a longer battery life than other custom instruments but are the most visible due to their size. The ITE instrument is suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.



In-The-Canal hearing instruments are slightly smaller and fit more discretely when  compared to ITE instruments. Good manual dexterity is required to manipulate the manual controls on the smaller faceplate found on ITCs.  ITC instruments are suitable for individuals with a mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.



Completely-in-the-canal hearing instruments are the smallest and least visible of the custom made instruments. Due to the deep fit within the ear canal, a “retrieval line” is required for removal.  CICs have the shortest battery life of all the aids. CICs also have the highest repair rate due to the deep placement in the canal. CICs are best suited for mild to moderate hearing losses.


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