Earwax Removal

Earwax, also known as cerumen, may be contributing to hearing loss when it is blocking, or partially blocking the canal.

During your visit, we will carefully inspect your ear canal, determining if there is a need to remove earwax. We have many methods to extract the wax from your ears, many of which do not cause discomfort. We understand this procedure can sometimes be uncomfortable, and that's why our Doctors of Audiology pride themselves in their ability to successfully remove wax while keeping patients comfortable.

For those who find it interesting to take a peek into their own ears, we routinely use our video otoscope to show our patients their ear canals before and after wax removal. Some may want to close their eyes for this part! ​

Remember - no cotton swabs! - in many cases, this pushes the wax deeper into the canal, causing impaction and other complications.

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