Real Ear Verification

When fitting hearing aids, it is not enough to know how much amplification the hearing aid is providing the user; it is also important to know how each particular ear is affecting sound. Ear canals come in all shapes and sizes – some long, short, narrow, wide, straight and tortuous. These differences all affect the acoustics within the canal.

Real-ear testing is a verification tool which takes a person’s ear anatomy into account to ensure the person is receiving the appropriate amount of amplification for incoming speech and sound. ​ ​

This technology takes the guesswork out of programming and is necessary for anyone looking to achieve the best results possible. I invite all hearing aid users to ask their audiologist if they perform real-ear testing, and if so – request it. If they do not, or if you desire a second opinion on the settings of your hearing aid(s), find an audiologist who uses this technology.

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